DanL Database Consulting is proud to offer the following services. Please email DanL today, or use the Contact Page to send a request for more information.

Long and Short Term consulting
Dan Luksetich is available for DBA services for Db2 on z/OS, as well as DB2 for LUW. Dan has extensive daily experience with Db2 for z/OS, Db2 for Windows, Db2 for AIX, and DB2 for Linux. Service is available at an hourly rate for any long or short term engagement. Put Dan’s 30+ years of Db2 experience to work for you!

Db2 for z/OS Performance Tuning
Dan Luksetich can be available for short or long term Db2 database and SQL performance tuning. His techniques identify the applications and SQL that can provide the greatest savings first. The tuning is non-disruptive, and he shares his information with your staff so that they can continue the tuning process forward themselves.

Db2 for z/OS Migration Planning and Implementation
Dan Luksetich has been involved in new migration planning and implementation at several customer sites, and has gone through the Db2 12 for z/OS migration planning workshop. He has onsite experience moving customers to Db2 10, 11 and 12, and can help you plan for the migration, implement the new software, and begin taking advantage of all the new features!

Db2 for z/OS Performance Audits
If you are looking at a mainframe operational budget that’s dramatically increasing, then maybe it’s time for a database performance audit. A comprehensive review of production Db2 subsystems, databases, and applications can potentially uncover hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, of cost savings through database, application, and SQL tuning. This type of review would include analysis of Db2 subsystem and data sharing parameters; Db2 database configuration; and most importantly, Db2 application and SQL performance. The result of a Db2 performance audit would be a report that includes identification of relatively poor performing applications and databases, along with directions for tuning them to achieve maximum cost savings.

Dan Luksetich not only utilizes his years of experience as a database application architect, database administrator, Db2 application developer, and SQL instructor, he also takes advantage of the information acquired from the dozens of previous performance audits he has conducted for clients all over the world. Every customer employing these services has benefited from the identified cost savings!

Unlike the competition, there is no team involved and no extensive on-site engagement. These performance audits are always conducted in less than one work week, with a report delivered a few days later. Why hire DanL Database Consulting? He doesn’t sell software products and he doesn’t sell hardware, and so there is nothing for him to do except solve your performance problems at the lowest cost possible!